Trip to Singapore Zoo

May 2, 2010

Well … thr is a long post to come … here is the sample 🙂



April 28, 2010


Yeah … being a hardcore fan of both ARR and Maniratnam, I was waiting for audio launch of Raavan for a quiet a long time. Now that its released and been reviewed both on the good notes and bad notes, am still trying to listen to every song taking my own time 🙂

So far I liked Behne De and Kata (inspires the dancer in me ;-))

Yet to listen properly other songs 😀

Achu and Numbers

April 28, 2010

While all these days Achu was happy with numbers 1 through 10 … he is ready to move further 🙂 Achu can now recognize numbers 11, 13, 14 and 16 😀 😀

Climbing the ladder

April 28, 2010

Achu was trying to climb up the ladder in the play yard that we have in our Condo for quiet sometime. Today while he climbed the first step on his own as usual he tried to climb the second and third one as well. He also managed to climb even further upto the play area … HA HA guess I need to look forward naughtier days ahead 😀

Couldn’t manage to take a pic or video as I was alone with him in the play yard and was concentrating more on Achu 😀

Achu says the address :-)

April 27, 2010

U get into the cab and settle in after the driver where to go and Achu goes “Amma … Blk 19” … HA HA yeah … my 21 month old son who I thot is still learning to milk from his sippy cup has already started saying the start of our ‘Residence Address’ :D:D

Its my Birthday!!!

January 26, 2010

HA HA …. yeah and it falls on the ‘Republic day’ of my country. I used to feel sad when I was in school that my b’day falls on a holiday and that I shall be missing wearing the new dress I got as my b’day gift. But now a days i just give it a pass just by reminding myself that Achu is growing bigger faster and that am getting older … HAHA. But DH did make this year’s one too a memorable with my favorite dark chocolate cake and pair of earrings as gifts 😀 … Achu woke up almost exactly at midnight and slept off again giving me a hug and angelic smile in the sleep. While MIL gifted me a watch and a nice chikan work kurta :D, Appa surprised me with a call from India wishing early in the morning … well my b’day has been really a wonderful one this year 😀 😀 😀

Thank you so much GOD  for such wonderful people in my life :-))

Rose Milk!

January 13, 2010

HA HA yeah lot of ppl wud go ‘yummmm’ the moment I say the word ‘Rose Milk‘. It is basically a flavored milk, the flavor being Rose essence with red food color and sugar added for taste. It is one of the best thirst quenchers in any part of India 🙂

Achu had his first encounter with the ‘Rose Milk’ today. Though we have been to Indian restaurants earlier with Achu we have never given him any liquidish food fearing the water used may not be that healthy for hime at this age. Mostly he would be playing with ‘pappadam’ or ‘plain white rice’ or ‘dosa pieces’… oops 🙂 Today we went to one of the Indian restaurant (Adyar Anandha Bavan) which is very famous for South Indian dishes. I ordered Lemon Juice as it has the taste close to the indian version. Once Achu saw my Juice glass, he wanted to have nothing but the juice. He just had his milk and I didn’t want to give Lemon juice immediately. In order to buy something made of milk, I bought ‘Rose Milk’ for him. Once Achu tasted it there was no stopping him. He finished almost half glass though he just had his milk … 😀 The moment I MMSed the pic of Achu drinking rose milk to DH, his comment was”Un payyan la” (that he proves tht he is MY son 😀 😀 )

Upgrade in Socialization

January 12, 2010

Earlier while going down to play yards in the evenings, Achu used to be on his own exploring all the toys, swings, slides and etc., I use to try so much to create a conversation with other kids either of his age or older than him. Achu used to show interest in kids older than him but not of his age … HA HA.

Yesterday, my landlady’s daughter came home to collect her posts. She must be around 13 or so and as usual Achu wanted to play with her. This time there was a surprise for us. Earlier he would just chat with other kids. But this time may be because he was at home with his own toys, he took one of his toy bat and offered her and asked her to play with him 🙂 … I was really happy at this improvement in his behavior. Hope Achu gets better and gets loads of friends 😀

Achu’s current favorite

January 7, 2010

Achu luvs this song ‘Choo Choo Mari’ from the tamil movie ‘Poo’. But somehow he is scared of the tree the kids used to hide while playing ‘hide n seek’ … HA HA HA

Happy NY 2010

January 2, 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 … May all the goodness be showered upon to every one!!!